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by Black Ninja

The Japanese researchers, Kurosu and Kashimura developed two ATM machines identical in function, identical in the number of buttons, and in how they worked. Identical. Only one difference: one had the buttons and screens arranged beautifully and the other was unattractively. And they put it both to test. The results was a surprise. The Japanese found that the attractive ones were easier to use. Actually, it wasn’t, they were exactly they same.

Noam Tractinsky, an Israeli scientist, was intrigued by this findings. He knew that attractive things should be preferred over the ugly ones, but why would the Japanese think that it worked better? Maybe the experiment would be true to the Japanese “Japanese culture is known for its aesthetic tradition,” but not the Israelis — they don’t care about beauty but about results, Tractinsky thought. So he repeated the experiment. Not only did he got the same Japanese findings, but the results were even stronger in Israel.
This is universal, its human. Consumers who find a product attractive are much more likely to overlook or forgive the flaws that are present. Beautiful things make people feel good. The explanations is that when we are relaxed by seen beautiful things, our brains are more flexible and more likely to find ways to solve difficult problems. We’re more tolerant of problems with things that we find attractive.

Until recently, many businesses and corporations have invested a great amount of money into their research and development departments. While this has offered quite a bit of success, today many are discovering that an investment made in technology or science alone will not provide the returns that were once seen. Instead, companies are using design as a way to differentiate itself from the competitors.
They are finding that design is what is bringing customers and business together. And it’s not just about the name and the logo that you choose, but rather an entire image or a feeling that a customer gets when dealing with the company.

When you are able to create the same feeling in more than one person about your business, then you have a brand that truly represents you and what you have to offer. With a smart design, you will create a feeling, a true excitement surrounding your business or brand. What this means is that a superior design is essential and truly vital when it comes to your business success.

When the design of your business’s brand is being considered, you should remember to keep things simple. Many people often feel that they have to redesign or recreate their entire image and brand, but the fact is that it is not always necessary to completely re-invent the wheel. In some cases, you don’t have to be different, just better than what you are doing today.

For startups, branding is often put on the back-burner in regard to other considerations – such as securing funding for the development of a product. This is a huge mistake and the fact is that the brand of the company can be a vital component in its overall success. Remember that today your brand IS your product. In fact, dollar for dollar, the brand is just as vital as any of the other early steps that a business or start up takes.

When you use the design tools to make it clear what type of value you are able to bring to your customer’s lives, what your company stands for, your customers are able to identify with the brand.

When a customer or a potential customer looks at your brand and what it offers, you need to ensure that the image is consistent. The design for your brand needs to be carefully planned and thought out. This is essentially the message you are sending out to the world and need to ensure it is the one that you want to be portraying. This is why it is crucial that you work with a professional design team that is able to offer you with an effective, relevant and quality design that represents the brand of the company well.

Once you begin creating a design for your brand, you need to ensure it is consistent across all platforms. This will provide you with a cohesive voice and image that people will instantly related to you when they hear or see what you have created.

Design is one of the most important factor when building a brand. If you don’t put time, effort and even money into this, it may result in an unsuccessful business. The design is what will set you apart from your competition and help you garner the desired emotion or feeling from customers. And, in the end, as the Israeli and Japanese researchers discovered, its, what will make people believe that your company and your product actually work better than the competition.


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