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5 ways to engage your customers via Snapchat

With over 1 million active users and more than 400 million snaps a day, Snapchat has turned from a simple photo and video-sharing tool into a real marketing tool that can’t be ignored anymore. Although most people see Snapchat as a purely social application, it carries many business benefits and opportunities to pass original messages…

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7 usability findings and recommendations to improve your website

As mentioned in our article about eye-tracking, the graphical presentation of the eye-movement of prospects, the time needed to process the information and the focus on several elements can give you a lot of information about how people read your site and how it can be improved to make it more user-friendly. Besides an eye-tracking…

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SEO strategies: 5 important tips to boost your traffic

Being found in the infinite amount of available web pages nowadays should be one of the major activities of your company. All the leading search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo have primary search results that are ranked on what the search engine considers more relevant to users. By using SEO, you can make…

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Eye-tracking: improving usability of your website

Keeping the clients happy should be one of the primary goals of a company. Comfortable, easy-to-use sites where one can find everything he needs in the least time possible, make clients happy. Recently there has been a growing interest in using eye tracking to study how prospects interact with different computer interfaces. These studies can…

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