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by Natalia Leão

Arena Pernambuco was the main stage for the World Cup in Pernambuco state, in Brazil. To make sure everyone would have safe access to the stadium, the Federal Government organized a campaign to facilitate the urban mobility during the days of matches. The campaign was able to communicate a sample of the warm and welcoming feeling during the World Cup in Brazil.

Technology at people’s service

All campaign pieces leaded people to the hotsite, where users could find relevant information regarding the World Cup in Brazil, such as FIFA’s rules at the stadium, directions, or other touristic information. Using the app, the geolocation was able to indicate the next steps or points of interesting based exactly on where the user were.

App World Cup in Pernambuco

App World Cup in Pernambuco

App World Cup in Pernambuco

Client: Pernambuco Government

Creative Director: Ricardo Santiago

Art Director: Filipe Soares, Iana Merisse, Cadu Bussad, Laís Vilachan e Taryn Poliest.

Finisher: Willi Stolz e Alex Mariz

Account Director: Maria Edith Cunha

Account Team: Cynthia Beltrão e Karina Costa.

Media: Érika Pena e Breno Silvestre.

Producer: Durval Sanches e Karina Carvalho.

Picture: Chico Barros

Photo Treatment: Daniel Xavier


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