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by Joline Vergauwen

Keeping the clients happy should be one of the primary goals of a company. Comfortable, easy-to-use sites where one can find everything he needs in the least time possible, make clients happy. Recently there has been a growing interest in using eye tracking to study how prospects interact with different computer interfaces. These studies can improve the interface of your site and therefore the sales or conversions. With eye-tracking analyses, you can increase any action you want the user to do.

What is eye-tracking?

Through eye-tracking technology, it is possible to measure the actual viewing behaviour of users by tracking their eye movements and translating these movements into schematic and visual views.

What is being measured with an eye-tracking research?

Usually, respondents are being tested in a controlled environment using sophisticated tracking devices. Using new technologies, analysts measure the respondents’ focus, interaction and time between clicks.

Eye-tracking research provides information about…

  1. Total time spent to screen the page
  2. Visual attention of particular elements on the page
  3. The visual path across the page


These results provide valuable insights into which elements on a site are seen, which elements are the most eye-catching, which ones cause confusion and which ones are overlooked.

How can Eye-tracking benefit you?

The data collected by an eye-tracking research done by a professional company, such as BlackNinja delivers your business a lot of information about the ease of the site’s interface and how people are looking and reading information on your website, webshop, app or digital newsletters on a laptop, smartphone or tablet. Due to the graphical representation and schematic views, obstacles on the site are made visible very quickly.

The research results can…

  1. Improve the structure of your website and make it easier to use
  2. Improve the navigation so that more pages are seen
  3. Improve the design and make important elements stand out in the right place

In general, the points mentioned above all lead to the most important goal of your website: if the user experience improves, the conversion increases. Prospects will sign up, register, download or buy something easier.



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