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by Natalia Leão

InVision is tracking down their users inside awesome companies around the world to discover their favorite tools, inspirations, workspace must-haves, and philosophy. This week they interviewed Moses Ting, UX Design Lead at Linkedin. Here is what he has to say about essential tools and equipment for designers:

What are the three critical elements of an effective workspace?

The workspace that makes me effective includes:

  • Two notebooks – A small one to keep a track of the things I need to do and a larger one with a dotted grid for sketches and ideation.
  • Adequate desk space (standing and sitting) – My desk is super messy when I’m in the middle of a project, so having enough space gives me a sense of order through the chaos. A height-adjustable desk gives me flexibility so I can think on my feet or code while sitting.
  • Music – Music helps me get into the flow. Right now, Avicii, Lorde, and Imagine Dragons are on heavy rotation when I need to be ultra-productive. When it comes time for high-level concept thinking, I’ll always have jazzy notes playing from the likes of Thelonious Monk and Wes Montgomery.

What are some of the tools you use in the design process?

  • Pen and notebook – I love starting with pen and paper sketching to get ideas out in the open. Pen and paper allow me to work on multiple ideas simultaneously, whereas digital tools force me to focus on one idea at a time. I’ve noticed that the medium I choose to design with impacts the type of feedback I’m likely to receive. Using pen and paper keeps feedback at a high-level, once you go digital the feedback becomes more granular.
  • Conversations with non-designers – I find these kinds of discussions to be invaluable gut checks.
  • Illustrator – For single page visual designs.
  • InVision – For creating prototypes or demonstrating interactive flows.
  • Quartz Composer – For refining mobile transitions.
  • Code – XCode, Android Development Kit, or HTML/CSS/JS for actual prototypes or to help engineers define styles and polish layouts.

What equipment are you using and how does it help you do your job effectively?

  • Mac Pro: hooked up to an Apple Cinema Display
  • Dell monitor: to understand what non-Apple users see
  • MacBook Air: for on the go
  • Dropbox: Syncs my files across every device
  • Apple Magic Mouse: I used to have a pen and tablet, but I’m faster with the mouse.

You can read the full interview here.

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