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by Natalia Leão

The campaign of the shoe range Esposende was one of the most awaited by the advertising market in the Northeast of Brazil, for its boldness of hiring Sarah Jessica Parker.

Sarah Jessica Parker is the eternal Carrie Bradshaw, from the TV show Sex and the City. The American actress starred the advertising film for 5 states in Brazil.  In the film, she highlights the variety of shoes offered at Esposende.

Blackninja was the first advertising agency in the Northeast to make feasible the coming of an international actress to Brazil.

Advertising Agency: Blackninja
Client: Esposende Calçados
Creative Director: Lenilson Lima e Daniel Zago
Art Director: Bertone Balduíno
Account Team: Katherine Paley e Maria Edith Cunha
Production: Vetor Zero
Director: João Tenório
Picture: Gui Paganini

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